Rio Rainy Day

Rio Rainy Day

In a tropical country, rainy days come out of nowhere. However, you shouldn’t let that put a damper on your stay. Or if bikinis and beaches aren’t your things, this experience will show you that Rio holds unique attractions even with bad weather. Explore the rich history design and architecture of downtown Rio and see the contrast between modern street art and classic buildings.
We will start on the streets of the charming hilltop neighborhood of Santa Teresa, and take in the breathtaking sights of Rio. We’ll take the city’s last surviving tram line to downtown Rio and behold the modern styled Metropolitan Cathedral. Of course, we can’t miss the opportunity to try one of Colombo Bakery’s delicious desserts and be amazed by the art nouveau decó in the place.
How about some espresso? We’ll visit a coffee shop where you can choose your favorite blend, with coffee grown and produced in Brazil. This would be a perfect gift to bring home, an actual taste of Brazil. Finally, we head to the newly renovated Olympic Boulevard, a place where the contemporary mixes with the historical in captivating contrast. We can sit down and enjoy a delicious bowl of açaí, a native amazonian berry eaten as a tempting sorbet.


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Cachaça tasting
Portuguese Basics

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