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Traveller XP is a black woman-owned travel agency in Brazil. We are passionate about travel and hospitality. In 15 years of working with tourism, we discovered what makes a trip an unforgettable experience.

That’s why we specialize in creating meticulous combinations of tourist destinations and experiences that we believe you should see, feel and live. If you love going off the beaten path, Traveller XP is for you.

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In a city famous for its beaches, bikinis, and Carnival, we challenge ourselves to create itineraries out of the ordinary. We offer visitors the opportunity to discover what is beyond urban attractions, explore refuges of preserved natural beauty and immerse themselves in the rich Brazilian culture. 

We aim to tell the stories no one else is telling, especially the tales of the African diaspora culture. Our crew will make sure you discover the best side of famous places or unexplored destinations.

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Isabella Vargas

Founder - CEO

Raquel Vargas