Black Music Spot XP

Black Music Spot XP

The neighborhood of Madureira is a cultural and economic haven for Afro-Brazilian. We’ll understand the history and know its rhythms: samba and hip hop. It’ll keep you away from the touristy shows and really mix with locals to gear and dance to the best of Black urban music. The roots of bailes black (black dances) came out of the tremendous influence African-American Soul and Funk music had on its Afro-Brazilian following of the era. From there, these parties still represent where one can get a taste feel of the black cultural experience in Brazil.
At these parties that are frequented by well-dressed mostly black men and women aged 18-35, you’ll surely hear the latest sounds of superstars such as Chris Brown and Beyoncé as well as legendary icons such as Michael Jackson, James Brown and everyone in between. A sort of world within a world, these bailes are yet another place Afro-Brazilians have carved out where they can be proud of their race and their culture.
The bailes charmes of Madureira in Rio are most definitely worth checking out if you happen to be in the city visiting!


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