Paradise Beaches

Paradise Beaches

You have probably seen many photos of the two main beaches in the city: Ipanema and Copacabana. Why not try something unusual? Prainha and Grumari are beaches located in an area of environmental preservation, where there is only the green of the mountains. With its silky sand and huge rocks adorning the shoreline, it’s an unspoiled oasis nestled along the foothills of lush forests.
We’ll set the tone amidst the peaceful landscape. Let’s savor some fresh coconut water sipped right from the husk and lounge on beach chairs under the shadow of a parasol. In case you’re feeling adventurous, from Prainha is possible to take a short hike to a lookout point with a privileged view of the West Zone beaches. On the way back, we will go through all the coast of the city and make stops for photos. As a bonus option, learn stand up paddling, with lessons provided by an expert local instructor.


Beach chairs
Coconut water
Certified guide

Not included:

Stand up paddle (optional)
Round trip transportation

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