Hang Gliding XP

Hang Gliding XP

Hang gliding between the blue sky and the transparent sea make Rio’s landscape a thrilling experience. This sport was incorporated as an attraction in the 80s, when pilots began to make tandem flights, allowing everyone to enjoy the fascinating panorama of beaches, city and forests from above. No previous experience is necessary.
The take off is from Pedra Bonita mountain at 1700 feet high (510 meters), the flight lasts approximately 10 minutes and the landing is on São Conrado beach. To book this tour you must be over 16 years old and weigh less than 90 kg (198 lb). Photos and videos are included, along with equipment. Transportation is optional. The hang gliding experience is subject to climatic conditions. Depending on weather conditions, a paragliding experience could be a better choice, so you can glide on air for longer.


Flight with a certified instructor

Not included:

Round trip transportation (optional)

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Pay a 50% deposit per item