Sky Dive XP

Sky Dive XP

If you’re driven by adrenaline, this experience is perfect for you. From the entrance to the plane to landing, your adventure will be recorded by our cameraman. At 4000 meters high, you and your instructor will jump connected with a parachute made for two people, and after 45 seconds of free fall at 250 km/h, it will be triggered by the instructor.
During this free fall, your heartbeat will start racing, you’ll feel a unique emotion until the moment the parachute is activated and you hang in the air…
The double jumps are held every weekend in the city of Resende, about 2 hours from Rio de Janeiro. No class or preparation is required. The skydive experience is subject to climatic conditions. Just come and jump! It’s pure energy!



Not included:

Extra camera (optional)
Round trip transportation
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Live Rio like a local.

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